Would You Sacrifice Everything for What You Believe?

Would You Sacrifice Everything for What You Believe?

This post was probably one of the hardest I have ever written, but my father always told me that you either stand up for what you believe or you will fall for anything.

I believe in Colin Kaepernick and as a veteran, I stand by him and his actions of kneeling during the national anthem.

When injustice continues without the law of the land being enforced, someone needs to take a stand.  Colin did just that.  He kneeled in peace to bring attention to the crimes being committed against blacks and brown people within the USA.

This was not a protest against the flag, nor against veterans or even America.

As a people we must all do better to make sure all people regardless of race are treated equally.

When those sworn to protect and serve go outside of the law they are no longer doing the tasks they swore to do. They are committing crimes and those crimes are punishable by law but the people in power are failing to enforce those laws as they should.

I know in my heart that this is not all of law enforcement and this is just a select few that are operating on their own.

I grew up playing basketball with the local State Troopers and have watched many of their children go into law enforcement as they got older. I see how they are and know they are good and I know there are great law enforcement people across the world, but the ones that are operating above the law must be held accountable or we will lose the freedoms the constitution provides for us all.

I know many of you look at this from a different point of view and I ask you now to look deep within your heart after reading this and ask yourself, how would you react if it were your race or your family that was experiencing these crimes over and over across the country?

Most would react with force, while Colin reacted in peace and kindness.  By showing us all his weakness, he also showed us how far he was willing to go to make a difference… he risked everything and thanks to the backing of Nike and his new contract, he was rewarded.

Today is your day to take a stand and risk everything you are and believe in to make this world a better place and in the end you will be rewarded just as Colin was for doing the right thing. Listen to your heart, not the world around us, and you will find the world if filled with wonderful people of all races and nationalities. Be one, today.


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