Did Your Sponsor Disappear After They Got Paid Their Commission?

Did Your Sponsor Disappear After They Got Paid Their Commission?

The number one complaint I hear most often is my sponsor disappeared after I signed up and I can’t reach them.

This is one of my hot buttons in the industry.  I hate seeing people get paid for signing you up and then abandoning you.  Ethically, this is just bad business.

However, it’s happened to all of us at some stage in our careers.  You got to realize you are in business for yourself, but with the right sponsor it’s BY yourself.  Big difference.

I remember when I got started in this business almost 15 years ago.  Nobody knew what to do or what would really work, and if they did – they weren’t telling anyone.

That left us all to learn the old fashioned way… through trial and error.  I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out what worked and what didn’t and believe me I rarely make the same dumb mistake twice.

If you join a program with me, I will NOT abandon you.  You can leverage my experience and learn from my mistakes simply by showing up and attending live video training with me on zoom.

My business partner, Darren Little, and I pride ourselves on teaching our team and showing them what to do and how to do it in step-by-step fashion.  If you think this can help you, join us in one of the programs on the programs page and show up for training.  It’s that easy!

We are here to help YOU win!

Thanks for reading!

See you at the top.

Ari Maccabi


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