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From a Broke Single Father to a Self-Made Man.

Risah & Ari Maccabi

I am aware most marketers tend to only show you their successes and hide their failures under lock and key, but not me.  While I am not proud of my failures, I believe that without them I would not be where I am today, so I want to tell you who I am… who Ari Maccabi really is.

I entered the Network Marketing space when I was just 19 years old when I joined A.L. Williams while serving in the military.  I am grateful for this experience because my success gave me the confidence to never quit because I saw the blessings my efforts made in so many lives of those around me.  Achieving top 10 in the Southern California in A.L. Williams inspired me to be great and to work harder and help my team achieve the impossible.  Something that still remains my focus today.

After moving to Oregon, I joined the Equinox family along with my best friend Madiba Thompson under the guidance of Shari Sharman and Dani Johnson.  Although I had achieved much success in my prior venture, I admit this is where I learned the passion of network marketing from quite possibly the greatest trainer ever in network marketing…. Bill Gouldd.  His passion and dedication to help people were what I admired most and were the reason I remained in Equinox as long as I did.  As many of you know, Equinox crumbled due to many selfish representatives over promising and under delivering while encouraging so many to buy things they simply did not need. This is a lesson I will never forget and one I refuse to allow to repeat or be part of in any way.

I believe in Network Marketing and believe that quite literally anyone from any walk of life can succeed in this arena with a good company, a great product, and ethical training which is something most companies lack and the reason my business partner, Darren Little, and I created Black Ops Live.  We want to show people a better, ethical way of doing business.

After the crumble of Equinox, I went on to become the #2 money earner at a company called ACI that was the first company to bring liquid oxygen to market.  While I loved the product and the team we had built, I saw so many people get hurt when two of the owners embezzled the money and fled to Colombia leaving myself and my team heart broke and financially extended.

This is when I left the Network Marketing business at the young age of 25 and went full time in to the automobile sales industry where some of my team including my best friend, Madiba, followed me.  The friendships I had made in Network Marketing were forever and some of my team from long ago are still great friends today.

While working in the car business, I met a girl and got married and soon after we had our first child, a son we named Malachi.  I believed everything was great as I was making a ton of money, but I was always at work on the lot and lacked a life of freedom… something I craved.  I continued to work and be a slave to my boss and life itself until after my second son, Micah, was born.

Micah was just three months old when I discovered that my wife was addicted to drugs and I will never forget the day I confronted her and the passionate argument that ensued.  It was during this argument my phone rang.  My mother had called to tell me she was in town and had came to see the baby all the way from Kansas City.  As I drove down to meet my mother I had the worst feeling in my gut and had no idea what I would tell her having just found out everything myself that afternoon, but when we arrived back at my house to find my wife and two boys were gone along with most of their clothes, I knew the only thing I could tell her was the truth.

My wife had taken my two boys and fled leaving me completely heartbroken.  Not long after, I was forced to hire a private investigator to track her down and get my two sons back.  It was a long 4 months, but once they were in my custody and safe, I filed for divorce and was awarded full custody of my children with absolutely no contact from their mother.

Having two young children by myself left me in a situation I had never been before.  It was here when I was forced to realize that I couldn’t do this alone even though I tried for close to a year.  I called the moving company and three days later I arrived in Kansas City, not far from where I was born.  I figured my family would help me with my sons at least some, but found myself on my own again, but I was determined to find a job or a career that I could do while caring for my sons alone.

While searching I ran across an advertisement for mortgage consultants and after the interview I was offered the job which was a 100% commission position with no salary which would allow me to earn what I was worth.  I soon learned that wasn’t much with a boss that had no time to teach me or show me the ropes which was something I despised.  I was looking online and found a company that offered training to mortgage consultants, but it was in California.

After begging and pleading with my family to help me with my sons they agreed to watch him while I flew to California and attended training.  It wasn’t long before I was the #1 Mortgage Consultant in the office and was able to bring in a majority of the deals within the office due to my marketing background.  I later decided I could do this at home working for myself without an office which would allow me to spend more time with my sons since they got out of school at 3:30pm.

Working from home was great, but the first 6 months were tough.  Finding clients was easy but being a new company that lacked the relationships with lenders was making it hard, but that soon changed, and my income skyrocketed while working less than half the time I was used to working.  It was great!

But as we all know, that only lasted so long as the real estate market began to struggle I found myself pondering if I should stay or if I should go.  I was already generating leads from Cost-per Lead campaigns and could continue that if I wanted and make as good and possibly even more money than I was with mortgages, so I decided to sell my business and in doing so landed in my dream career.

I was generating leads and selling them to mortgage companies all over and doing it in less time than before.  I was free, and my boys and I were happy as can be, but 18 months later the mortgage business began to collapse and many of my customers were closing up shop.  My business began to crumble, and I was forced to shift my lead generation to other verticals.  I became successful at generating leads for all kinds of businesses and my income had only taken a hit for 4-6 months.  I was on top of the world.

My boys were 8 and 11 when I decided to get remarried and I was madly in love, making crazy money and living the life.  Life was great!

Not long after I got married, I got a call from a buddy of mine from the Network Marketing space and he wanted to talk.  Little did I know that conversation would lead me down the rabbit hole and into Network Marketing again, but it was in my blood and I loved the lifestyle and besides, I had a new skill that most did not… I knew how to generate leads by the masses.

As I re-entered the network marketing space, I found myself working more and more and even though I was making crazy money I hated not spending time with my kids and attending their events and the things I worked so hard to do.  Less than 6 months later I walked away… for good.  Mentally I shut the door and intended for it to forever remain shut.

I kept hearing about Affiliate Marketing over and over and soon decided to attend an Affiliate Summit event in New York.  I met a lot of people doing cost per sale and cost per lead campaigns and networks with all sorts of offers.  Because I already had been successful with cost-per lead campaigns, this caught my attention and gained my focus rather quickly.  I decided I was going to give affiliate marketing a shot and thought I could do it with ease, but initially I flopped and fell hard wasting thousands and thousands of dollars and putting my future in jeopardy.

I met Chris Jones and Chris Campbell during this time as I was trying to rebuild and together we built iPAS 1.  I invested 12-15 hours of my day for 8 months straight to help get this off the ground and as we started our first cost per sale campaign, we were crushed to find out we had lost our merchant just three days into the campaign.  We later found out it was frozen due to the sales being generated by the people in their call center.  They were using unethical practices and lies to in order to close which led to our downfall and while Chris and Chris paid me well for my time, I was left without a job, a career, and nowhere to turn.

Rather than focus on it, I decided to do something about it and I returned to the Affiliate Summit event in New York the following year and it was here I met some of the biggest names in the business like Anik Singal, Russell Brunson, and so many others.  One stood out from them all and that was Peter Nguyen.  He was one of the nicest guys I ever met and I later found out he was also one of the biggest guys in the space as far as earnings.  Peter was a source of knowledge for me.

The things I was learning by trial and error and wasting money he knew without fail.  After 7 years in the space, he created Advertiser360 which was and still is probably the greatest Affiliate/Cost-per Acquisition Marketing course ever created.  In fact, it has since been accredited and is taught at university level at Baylor University and many others throughout the country.

I clung to the Advertiser360 course like my life depended on it, staying up late nights to learn while my boys slept and then slept while they were in school, scraping to get by and living like I was broke because I knew I would be if I didn’t.  Even though my finances weren’t in the best of conditions I never gave up hope and soon felt like I knew enough to give it a shot again this time with more skills than ever before.

The success was sweet, and I was making the most I had ever made when I decided I was missing the surroundings of network marketing and I tried the create programs within the space backed by a call center that put me in the limelight.  It was going great and lots of people were making money, but my new wife and I had been growing apart as I worked harder and harder to provide us with a better life.  She became jealous and got mad when people half way around the world would message me and eventually accused me of cheating even though I hardly ever left the house or office.

I finally gave up on the program and refunded lots of people which cost us thousands of dollars in an effort to keep my wife happy.  I committed myself to working alone simply by promoting affiliate offers, but it made me miserable.  I felt like I was on an island without contact for days on end and eventually, I became depressed.

Then one day while in the shower I slipped and went airborne and landed on my back, with my lower spine hitting  the side of the porcelain tub.  I was horrified and laid in the floor for 5 hours without any feeling in my legs.  When my wife returned she found me still laying in the floor only to yell at me and tell me to get up and was very little help when I told her I couldn’t move my legs.  Luckily the feeling to my legs returned as the swelling in my spine went down and soon I was able to move around but sitting up and walking became an issue as my legs would go numb which resulted in months of rehab.

During this time, I gained a lot of weight and wasn’t the fit husband she had married, but my wife wasn’t at all the loving person I had married either and I fell even more into depression and my business soon after collapsed.  I couldn’t find anything that cheered me up and not long after, I tried to commit suicide for the first time.

As I struggled to reconnect with my wife and find a way out of the depression, but got the shock of my life when I caught my wife cheating on me.  I had given her 7.5 years of my life and did everything she asked, never straying or leaving her side. I had abandoned my friends and life in an effort to try and make her happy only to find her doing this to me.

We tried to make it work for another year and a half but the trust was broken.  While she was out at a nightclub doing who knows what, I tried to kill myself again but this time something happened… I found God.

I remember that day as clearly as ever because while I was breathing hard and gasping for air, I kept praying and asking God to give me strength because in my heart I knew I didn’t really want to die but I also knew I didn’t want to live my life the way it was.

The next day my wife and I agreed to a divorce and I gave her everything she asked for to make it quick.  I knew my life needed a change, but I didn’t know what, but I had strength to try something, anything.  The day my divorce was final brought a world of pain down on me and I was struggling, and my depression returned like a lion to prey.  Every day I struggled to get up, I struggled to survive.  I was broken but God gave me a sign and although it took me a bit, I listened.

In November 2013, just 6 months after my divorce and having tried to commit suicide already twice, I took a flight to Manila Philippines not sure of what awaited me ahead.  My life was a mess and I was struggling to find the will to live and simply to survive.  I was at the weakest point in my life, but God had given me hope.

When I landed in Manila I had less than $3200 to my name and I was there on a tourist visa so getting a job wasn’t going to happen.  I was going to have to figure it out in a hurry or I would be stranded in a foreign country with nothing in my pocket and no food to eat.

The sun was always shining and it was always hot, while the people here were warm and all this together somehow rescued me from my depression.  For the first time in a long time, I was focused and ready to get to work but I had little money left after paying my first month’s rent and two months security deposit.  I was forced to work in coffee shops and restaurants that had free Wi-Fi trying to figure it all out while eating as cheaply as I could which wasn’t easy due to the fact I am such a picky eater.

While deciding what to do my buddy Kris McCarty reached out to me thru Facebook and we started to work together on some cost per sale and cost per lead offers. Later I decided I wanted to call the leads and make the sales myself which resulted in me making a large chunk of cash I desperately needed.  That cash gave me freedom and gave me time to figure out what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it.

All around me were people, thousands of them and they were struggling financially like I had never seen.  It made me grateful for what God was doing in my life and it gave me the passion and drive to continue working but something was growing within me… the will to help those around me.

During this time, I started to communicate with a girl here and became great chat friends with her, but our feelings continued to grow even though we had never met each other in person.  I was happy, and my business continued to prosper and then I got a call that would put me back on the path that I had closed and never intended to walk again… the path of Network Marketing.

In a flash, Kris and I joined a company and started generating leads and building a team, I was jumping ranks and climbing the leaderboard and soon my income was more per month than most were making per year, but Kris was struggling and wasn’t making much. Sure, I was excited by the income I was making but I wasn’t happy my friend was struggling, especially because if it weren’t for him I would still be struggling myself.

I worked day and night to try and build both of our businesses the old-fashioned way by generating leads on Facebook then making one call at a time via Skype until I would quite often fall asleep in my chair only to wake up and have to get ready for bed.  I realized there was something lacking and gave it to God in prayer.

Even though I was making great money and my relationship went from chatting to coffee to serious in a flash.  I never truly felt free doing what I was doing, and I feared one day I would end up right back where I was.  That thought kept me distracted and it kept me looking for something better to do.

Then one day I saw a sales funnel some guy had created for some company to generate leads and signups for him and his team and that gave me an idea. I knew how to generate leads better than anyone and I knew how to make sales funnels that converted so I reached out to that guy and we agreed to give it a trial run. I worked day and night mapping out the sales funnel and coming up with new ideas and then I had it created. It was beautiful, and it worked like a charm and it made a lot of people money too, but not me.

I just wasn’t sold on the program but now I had an idea and a new concept, and I knew it worked so I found a company and did the research and created a sales funnel for myself to generate leads and signups in an affiliate program.  The sales funnel became so popular everyone was using it to generate automated signups which resulted in my first Facebook group achieving over 24,000 members.

My idea had become a recipe for success and in a matter of months my friend’s list on Facebook went from less than 1800 to 5000 with 1000 requests pending. Not to mention, I literally went from paying rent and two month’s security deposit to paying cash for a $340,000 condo in just 2 years all while earning more money online than most doctors and lawyers make in a year combined and I did it while hardly ever leaving the house wearing nothing but shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops!

I realize that might sound a little bit too good to be true or may even sound impossible, but rest assured it is possible and I’m confident I can show you how to do it too.  Yes, you read that right… I am willing to show you how and help you start your journey online, or help you correct the path you’re on if you’ve already began your journey.

I’ve been in Manila now for almost 5 years and that girl that was my chat friend that gave me hope, she is now my wife and together we live a life that most only dream about.  We are inseparable and spend every second of every day doing the things we enjoy while helping those around us and God is the cornerstone of our lives.  I am grateful for the life He has provided me.

A life that allows me to wake up when I want to, not to the sound of an alarm clock. A life on my terms that allows me do what I want free from worry while traveling to remote parts of the Philippines or to secluded beaches in the most beautiful places simply to relax and enjoy life.

The things I once thought were important are no longer important to me as I have discovered what it really means to live life and for the first time, I am grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with!  I am taking nothing for granted!

If you have ever dreamed what it would be like to be able to financially free while just working a few hours per day or wondered what it would be like to wake up when you want to and live the life you’ve dreamed about, then please don’t hesitate to connect with me.

This is my true story… My name is Ari Maccabi and I’m on a mission – a mission to help you win and win big!